Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services are an essential part of the supply chain. Businesses in today’s competitive market require not only comprehensive solutions but also a service that is above and beyond . Working with the best warehousing companies in Miami would ensure that they deliver on-time and with quality resulting .

We are part of the process of storage and shipping. Miami is a hub for warehousing and receiving, and is often the go-to city for businesses to do international business and trade.

We aim to give our clients the opportunity to access whatever product shipping and storage services they need, and we want our clients to have a sense of security that these services are being handled with total care at all times. That’s what APS does for our current clients, and we can do it for you, too.

Characteristics of a good warehouse


Anybody can stock shelves, not every employee will be able to follow correct protocols in order to streamline the process.


Warehouses often have forklifts, slippery floors, and large objects With all of this in mind, safety of the staff needs to be your first priority therefore, choose a warehouse with a good safety record


A well-equipped warehouse should have tight round the clock security to minimize theft. Consider installing surveillance cameras to cover all areas of your warehouse, both inside and out. Safety of products need to be a priority.

Market Proximity

Your warehouse should be located in an area that is well-connected and easily accessible.

Storage Space

This point needs to be carefully considered. In order for you to run a successful warehouse, it’s essential that you have enough space inside the building to keep all of your goods in proper order without clutter. Not only will this improve organization, but will promote the effective movement of goods.

Warehouse Design

Design is key to work flow. A badly designed warehouse will slow the work and result in mistakes

Receiving Process

Materials should always be verified and inspected immediately after arriving at your warehouse otherwise, it will create and inventory control issue.

Picking Process

The time spent picking orders can increase efficiencies, that is why If organized correctly, you can develop procedure to save on time and resources.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is key. Being able to provide information with real time stats will only improve the customer service you offer.

Hours of Operation

Warehouses open on Saturday offer and extra level of flexibility especially for customers who have limited time during the week as a result many customers prefer warehouse with 6 day operation

Warehousing services for the following industries

Building Materials
Candy / Confections
Consumer Electronics
Hazardous Materials
Health & Beauty Care
Hospital / Medical Supplies
Iron / Steel
Medical Devices
Travel Retail


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